Community Spotlight: Some Epic Custom Missions from Admiral Sai

The global pandemic has pulled many of our simulators into dry dock for a while, but Admiral Sai (a.k.a. Todd Lichtenwalter at Colegio Internacional de Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela) has put his work-from-home time to great use by creating a series of highly-detailed and epic custom missions!  Let’s take a look.

Solar System Defense is a massive multi-part mission that takes crews from one end of the solar system to the other in a series of challenging encounters against an invading alien swarm.

The full mission consists of 18 unique maps and can be played either in full or in parts. Scorecards for each map allow crews to challenge themselves through replay and trying to beat their score. Scores are based on time of completion and objectives met.

Here’s a quick promo video Admiral Sai made showing some of the mission’s key action scenes:


Ryker Station is a shorter action-packed mission that hinges around a crucial ethical dilemma as the crew is faced with a no-win scenario.

Fast thinking and crucial decision making will be the calling card of those crews who score the highest in this routine service call turned into a life-and-death heart-pounding race against time.


Admiral Sai has also made a variety of support materials to accompany these epic adventures, including Mission Exams, support scripts, Flight Director Guides, ship ledgers, and mission scorecards.

Check out his webpage or join us on Discord to discuss how to use these great missions with your crews.

Massive kudos to Admiral Sai for his hard work and creative thinking in making these fantastic custom missions!

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