The Fate of an Empire Stands on the Edge of a Knife

Mission Overview

Driven by the need to fuel it’s growing economy, an interstellar empire has established a colony on a distant world rich with algae biofuels.  The biofuels are extremely valuable, and the empire has spent significant resources defending them from greedy foes.  In an attempt to recoup its costs the empire has levied a new tax on the colony.

The colonists, however, are outraged.  As they see it, farming the algae and processing the fuel should be payment enough.  They consider the new tax outrageous and exploitive, and a group of colonists have begun protesting it with acts of sabotage—or, as the empire sees it, terrorism.

As the conflict escalates, the empire has called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe—to arbitrate the situation and keep the peace.  They must escort a convoy of precious biofuel to a jump gate at the far edge of the system.  Mysterious threats have been received, tensions are high, and there’s no telling where or when the promised attack will come.

Will the Infinity Knights be able to satisfy both sides before the conflict breaks out into war?  The fate of the empire rests upon the actions of a single crew—and the clock is ticking!

Standards-Based Curriculum

  • Antecedents to the American Revolution
  • Biofuels and energy dependency
  • The effect of trade dependency on politics
  • The rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • Consent of the governed
  • Electromagnetic radiation & interference
  • Chemical catalysts
  • Bacterial hibernation & dormancy

Higher Order Thinking

  • Was the American Revolution justified?
  • How does trade dependency shape politics?
  • What is the price of national security, and is it worthwhile?
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens?
  • What is the difference between protests and terrorism?
  • How would the United States be different if Britain had conceded to the American colonists’ demands?