DFA 2.0 Upgrade Guide

Version 2.0 of the Dream Flight Adventures software is a significant upgrade to the system, and it brings a variety of exciting new features, including:

  • Expanded crew roster of up to 32 unique stations
  • Expanded mission library
  • Support for multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Enhanced Flight Director controls, making it easier than ever to deliver breathtaking adventures

This guide outlines the steps necessary to upgrade your existing Dream Flight Adventures simulator to take full advantage of version 2.0.


iPad Operating System

Please ensure that your iPads are updated to iOS 9 or higher.

Dream Flight Adventures App

The DFA 2.0 app is published as a separate app, rather than as an update to the original DFA 1.x app.  This allows you to have copies of both versions on the same device, allowing you to make the transition to the new system at your own pace.  Simply download the DFA 2.0 app from the App Store.

Desktop Software

Similarly, the desktop software is a separate program from the original DFA 1.x version.  You can have both versions installed on the same machine, which lets you transition to the new system at your own pace.  Simply download the DFA 2.0 software from our download page.


Current Devices

All the devices used in your simulator will continue to work with DFA 2.0.  The only caveat is that you may need to update the operating system of your iPads to iOS 9 or higher (see above).

New Devices

To take full advantage of the expanded crew roster in DFA 2.0, you will want additional devices.

For the primary crew consoles, these can be iPads, Android devices, or even Mac, Windows, or Linux computers.  You will need a total of up to 26 devices (including those you already have) in order to use all the stations at once.

In addition to the primary crew consoles, four of the stations also make use of small handheld devices, like the iPod Touch.

Please note:  Although they are recommended, all of these additional devices are optional; the system will operate just fine with less than a full crew.


Aside from installing the updated software, no changes or extra steps are necessary to set up your simulator for Dream Flight Adventures version 2.0.  If you are unsure about your simulator setup, please consult our Setup and Startup Guide, or feel free to contact us directly.  We’ll be delighted to help out.

Obsolescence & Support

Dream Flight Adventures 2.x is now the officially supported version of our simulator software.  We recommend you make the transition to the new system as soon as reasonably possible.

Software & Hardware

The availability of the former DFA version 1.x app is contingent upon systems outside our control.  DFA 1.x supports iOS 8, and at some point Apple will discontinue all iOS 8 apps from its App Store.  Devices that already have the app installed will continue working, but it will not be possible to install the app on new devices.

Similarly, Apple will eventually drop support for devices running iOS 9.  When that occurs, even DFA 2.0 will be affected.  Devices that already have the app installed will continue working, but it will not be possible to install further updates on the obsolete devices.

We encourage you to develop a plan for periodically upgrading your simulator’s hardware to maintain access to new content and features.

Our Commitment to Support

We understand that simulator installations represent significant investments, and we work hard to maximize support for old devices and operating systems.  As manufacturers and app stores drop support for obsolete devices, it may become necessary for us to drop support as well.  However, in most cases you will be able to continue using whatever version of the DFA system you have at the time, even though you won’t be able to upgrade any further (without upgrading your hardware).

If you face a situation where the hardware used in your simulator enters obsolescence, please contact us so we can work with you to ensure that your simulator continues to function as smoothly as possible, despite the inability to update further.