Escape Velocity

Escape VelocityHigh-Octane Race Across the Solar System

This mission is modeled after the classic Carmen Sandiego games. The crew moves throughout the solar system, and at each planet they receive clues pointing them toward the next location.  They must work quickly to stop a space pirate from stealing top secret technology.

Duration:  30-45 minutes

Mission Introduction

What you are about to hear is classified, above “Top-Secret.” There has been a security breach at an orbital research facility that specializes in advanced propulsion technology. A ship outfitted with a cutting-edge engine prototype—the Lightning Drive—has been stolen.

The perpetrator goes by the call sign of “Mad Dog” and is a notorious member of the Orion Pirates. Mad Dog broke into the propulsion lab, stole the ship with the Lightning Drive, and is currently at large, whereabouts unknown.

Because of the Lightning Drive’s incredible speed, Mad Dog cannot be caught by usuals methods. This can only be done by the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe.

Your mission is to track Mad Dog down and apprehend him without damaging the Lightning Drive.  Good luck, and hurry.  Mad Dog already has a head start!