Dream Flight Adventures version 2.1 is released

A new and entirely unprecedented school year has begun, and to usher it in we are excited to release an update to our simulator software—version 2.1.  Here are a few keylights:

Ready-Made Environments

The Ready-Made Environments script speeds up custom mission development by giving Flight Directors some pre-populated scenes, including:

  • An asteroid field in a nebula
  • A river populated with fish and insects
  • An ocean with animals and a deep-sea trench
  • A volcano
  • Martian colonies

Feel free to use these as starting points in creating your own adventures

New Content:  Buildings and more!

Flight Directors now have a variety of buildings that they can use in missions.  These buildings come in four broad themes:

  • Futuristic City
  • Neon City
  • Planetary Colony
  • Planetary City

When created over a terrain, these buildings will automatically snap down onto the ground.

Flight Directors also can fine-tune their position and rotation, as needed.

This version also includes many colored crystals and a variety of new spaceships:

  • Luminaris
  • Trident
  • Mothership
  • Nautika Cruiser

Check out the full release notes for all the juicy details.

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