Helios PosterSpace is a Dangerous Place!

This is a heart-pumping rescue mission! The crew begins thinking they are measuring gases in a nebula but soon gets roped into helping a stranded transport before it gets destroyed by pirates.

Duration:  20-30 minutes

Mission Introduction

The Helios Nebula is a thick cloud of gas in space. Nebulas are known as the birthplaces of stars and there is still so much for us to learn about how stars are formed. In order to expand our knowledge, we need samples for scientific research from Helios Nebula.

Your mission is to first, travel to the Helios Nebula. I heard it is very beautiful so I hope you enjoy the view while there. Anyway, once there we need you to take scientific measurements of its gases. Finally, transmit the data back to headquarters, at which point the resident scientists will handle the analysis, and hopefully, we’ll have learned more about the universe we live in. 

While this is a standard mission, it’s important that you keep an eye out for danger. Space can be a dangerous place!  Good luck crew!