Event Triggers

Sometimes there are unique situation-specific features that are not common enough to warrant a button on the Flight Director controls.  For example, some environments allow us to trigger a crashing landing sequence.  This is where the “Event Trigger Cue” comes in.  These cues allow Flight Directors to activate special effects and features.

To use them, create an Event Trigger Cue as part of a Cue Card and then simply type the name of the event that you’d like to activate.  When the Cue is played, the event will be triggered.  The full list of event name are listed below:

  • Crash Landing
  • Smooth Landing
  • Take Off Toward Space
  • Hover Over Ocean
  • Show Weenie / Hide Weenie
  • Enable Boundaries / Disable Boundaries
  • Impact Shake
  • Simple Terrain Physics On / Simple Terrain Physics Off
  • Headlights On / Headlights Off
  • Start Rotation / Stop Rotation
  • Super Speed On / Super Speed Off
  • Enable Special Shield Effect / Disable Special Shield Effect
  • Freeze Helm / Unfreeze Helm
  • Fly Into Volcano (this only works in the Volcanic Island environment)