Our simulators are immersive interactive environments that throw players into the middle of epic stories.  Players become active participants, not passive observers.  They must learn how to operate the technology controls, and then they must apply that knowledge in pursuit of their mission.

By virtue of the simulator’s unique design, each mission—regardless of content—teaches over forty 21st century skills.  On top of this, each mission is packed with a variety of content unique to that adventure.


Each player has individual responsibility for his or her station, which contains several important tasks.  Then, players must work as a team to accomplish their mission.

Our simulators support up to 32 players at a time.

Get Your Own Simulator

Dream Flight Adventures™ is magical, but it’s built with everyday stuff like iPads, computers, lights, and wood.  If you’d like to add a transformative interactive learning experience to your organization, please contact us today.  We’d be delighted to meet with you to explore the possibility.  We’re expanding, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the home of the next Dream Flight Adventures™ simulator!