Keyboard Shortcuts

There are lots of buttons on the Flight Director controls, so here are few keyboard shortcuts to make some common actions even faster:

Boot Up SoundAlt-S C B or Ctrl-Alt-J
End Training Mode SoundAlt-S C E or Ctrl-Alt-K
Processing SoundAlt-S C P or Ctrl-Alt-L
Extreme Alarm SoundAlt-S A E or Ctrl-Alt-X
Red Alert SoundAlt-S A R or Ctrl-Alt-R
Orange Alert SoundAlt-S A O or Ctrl-Alt-O
Yellow Alert SoundAlt-S A Y or Ctrl-Alt-Y
Green Alert SoundAlt-S A G or Ctrl-Alt-G
Blue Alert SoundAlt-S A B or Ctrl-Alt-B
Pulse Blast SoundAlt-S E P or Ctrl-Alt-P
Electric Shock SoundAlt-S E E or Ctrl-Alt-E
Rumble Sound & ShakeAlt-S E R or Ctrl-Alt-U
Monster Growl SoundAlt-S M G or Ctrl-Alt-W
Monster Howl SoundAlt-S M H or Ctrl-Alt-H
Monster Scraping SoundAlt-S M S or Ctrl-Alt-S
Scan SoundAlt-S S S or Ctrl-Alt-C
Teleporter SoundAlt-S S T or Ctrl-Alt-T
Transformation SoundAlt-S S F or Ctrl-Alt-F
Steam Hiss SoundAlt-S S H or Ctrl-Alt-Z
Creaking Metal SoundAlt-S S C or Ctrl-Alt-M
Pick Up CallCtrl-Alt-1
Hang Up CallAlt-S C H or Ctrl-Alt-2
Ringing SoundAlt-S C I or Ctrl-Alt-3
End VideoCtrl-Alt-V
Static SoundAlt-S C A or Ctrl-Alt-4
Polysix SoundAlt-S X P or Ctrl-Alt-5
Hypospray SoundAlt-S X H or Ctrl-Alt-6
Phase Shift SoundAlt-S X S or Ctrl-Alt-7
Astrogator SoundAlt-S X A or Ctrl-Alt-8
Burbles SoundAlt-S X B or Ctrl-Alt-9