Each Dream Flight Adventures™ mission blends crucial standards-based STEM topics; material from history, literature, and the humanities; and thought-provoking social or ethical issues.  This creates a richly educational experience with a strong emotional impact, making a memory that remains with our players for their lifetimes.  Select any mission below to learn more about its content and curriculum.

Escape Velocity
Vesuvius Poster
Training Mode
Deep Sea Rescue Poster
Helios Poster
Immunocompromised Poster
Land Ho Mission Poster
Trickster Poster

Mission Templates

All our missions take place in rich and dynamic virtual worlds, which combine with our physical simulators to create truly unique learning experiences.  But it doesn’t end there!  These virtual worlds represent tremendous toolkits for imaginative educators.  We can tell essentially any story and teach a huge variety of concepts in these worlds.

The Mission Templates give you the tools and frameworks to build your own simulator mission and create any learning adventure you want.  The possibilities are endless!

Mission Template
Solar System Template

Request a Custom Mission

We’re constantly creating new missions.  If your organization has interesting content, we’d love to work with you to transform it into an incredible adventure.  We work with essentially all disciplines—science, technology, engineering, history, literature, writing, art, and many others.  We’ll put on our thinking caps and apply our proven process to transform your content into a magical adventure.  Just contact us to get the process started.