Pre-Flight Checklist

Complete the following activities before beginning each mission.This not only maximizes the student’s time inside the simulator, but also helps get them in the proper mindset to take the simulation seriously and extract the greatest benefit from the experience.

Assign Stations

Infinity Knights Job Application (prior to the student’s arrival)

The Infinity Knights Job Application project allows students to use persuasive writing skills to “apply” for their top three simulator stations.

Station Overview Video

Review the Station Overview video with the students.This video describes each station individually and illustrates how they interconnect.

Make the Station Assignments

After the students have explored the station options, assign each student to a station.  We provide some Station Selection guidelines and recommendations regarding which stations are most appropriate for students with certain skills, interests, and personalities.

Review the Infinity Knights Introduction

Read the Dream Flight Adventures General Introduction document or watch the video with the students.This will introduce the Infinity Knights and reinforce several key concepts about the simulation’s universe.

Review the Mission Briefing

Each mission comes with an Overview as well as a video that narrates the mission briefing.Review this introduction with the students prior to their arrival so they understand the mission’s context.

Bathroom Break

Before beginning the Boarding Process, have all the students use the restroom.