Introduction to the Infinity Knights & Your Ship

Hello recruits, and welcome to the Infinity Knights!  We are an elite force dedicated to protecting peace and justice throughout the universe.  The universe, as you know, is not always a safe and friendly place.  There are unimaginable dangers and challenges out there, and that’s where the Infinity Knights come in.  We use our advanced skills and technology for good, to combat oppression, and to make the universe a better place for everyone.  We uphold a high moral code.  We do what’s right, even when it’s not easy or convenient, and yes, even when it’s dangerous.  Very few people have the honor of serving among the Infinity Knights, so represent us well.

As part of the Infinity Knights you will be sent on challenging missions.  These missions are top secret and of the utmost importance.  You may be sent to outer space, under the sea, inside the body, or even back in time.  There’s no telling where your mission will take you, but I will tell you this:  it will not be easy.  We need you to commit everything you’ve got to your mission.   Are you up to the challenge?

During your mission you will serve as the crew of a Komodo class vessel.  It is state-of-the-art, and comes equipped with some very advanced technology.  It’s capable of using portals to travel through time and space.  It transforms into various forms, each with its own different strengths.  It carries several powerful tools and weapons, and even comes equipped with a Chimera, a genetically enhanced creature that can be mutated to assist you in your mission.  Your ship is also equipped with an one-time return portal that will automatically bring you back to Headquarters in an emergency or when you’ve completed your mission.  There’s plenty more to tell you about your ship, but time is brief and I’m afraid you’ll have to learn the rest once you’re onboard.  But your ship’s a good one.  Take care of her, and she’ll take care of you.

In your mission, you and your shipmates will each have a unique and important role.  You will each be responsible for your own station, and you must work together as a team to accomplish your mission.

Many different things will be going on at once, so good communication and teamwork will be essential.  On that note, Captain, you are responsible for making all command decisions, but no one person can do it alone.  Use your crew and ask for their help.  Crew, unless you are requested by the Captain, the only people authorized to report directly to the Captain are the XO and Squad Leaders.  Everyone else should make their reports to their Squad Leader, who will then relay the information to the Captain or XO.  Also, crew, it is vital that you get authorization from the Captain before taking actions that affect the entire ship or the mission.  For instance, don’t send communications or enter combat without your captain’s authorization.  Remember, you are a team.  You must all work together in order complete your mission successfully.

Well, that completes our basic introduction to the Infinity Knights and your ship.  I’m honored to be serving with you.  Work hard, stay sharp, and do your duty well.  We’re all depending on you.