Thorium Integration

Dream Flight Adventures can augment bridge simulators running Thorium.

To get started:

1.  Launch a Thorium server, and make sure it’s set to use HTTP Only.

  • HTTPS support will be added down the road.

2.  Launch two copies of the DFA software, one for the Viewscreen, and one for the Flight Director.

3.  In the Flight Director controls, locate the Thorium tab.  There is a field for you to enter the GraphQL Server address, which is printed on the screen displayed when the Thorium Server launches.

Click on the green checkmark button to submit.

4.  If all goes well, you’ll see this tab say “Data link established.”  From that point on, any DFA Characters that enter within weapons range (indicated by the smaller of the two dotted circles on the DFA Flight Director controls) will appear as Targeting Contacts in Thorium, both on the Flight Director core controls and on the crew stations (e.g. Tactical).

5.  When the Tactical Officer fires Phasers, they will fire in DFA. Similarly, when the Tactical Officer fires Photon or Quantum Torpedoes, they will fire in DFA.  When the DFA Characters take too much damage, they will automatically be destroyed and will disappear from the Thorium targeting screen.

A few points worth noting:

  • This is an initial integration, and further refinements and connections may be added over time.  Currently the connections include:
    • Targeting
    • Phasers
    • Torpedos
    • Tractor Beam
  • Currently, the connection to Thorium doesn’t work unless you select “HTTP Only” before starting your Thorium server.  HTTPS support may be added down the road as needed.
  • If there’s a particular Thorium feature that you’d like us to integration, please let us know by email or Discord.