Immunocompromised PosterA Second Chance for Life!

Who can ignore the plea of a mother on behalf of her immunocompromised daughter? In this mission, the crew must stabilize the daughter’s health and strengthen her immune system.

Duration:  20-30 minutes

Mission Introduction

We have received a personal request from Febris Powell (a nurse from Samulon V) who has reached out to the Infinity Knights for her daughter. Her daughter Selena is not only sick, but her white blood cell count indicates that her immune system is not responding to the virus. 

Our scientists have analyzed the tests from Febris Powell and it shows that Selena is immunocompromised, which means her immune system is weak. Febris needs your help to stabilize her daughter and strengthen her immune system.

First, you will be shrunk and inserted into Selena’s bloodstream. Second, decrease the viral load by destroying as many as you can. Third, enter the lymph node and install the ImmunoCreator which will strengthen her immune system.  

Save this child, crew!  Good luck!