Land Ho

Land Ho Mission PosterExplosive Terraforming!

This mission has the crew helping a tribe of aliens terraform their watery planet by using a volcano to expand their landmass. They dive into a volcano to trigger land-forming events while learning more about both!

Duration:  20-30 minutes

Mission Introduction

The Sala Tribe wants to settle on a new planet, but it’s almost entirely covered by oceans. Your mission is to create new islands for the Sala Tribe to settle on. 

To do this, you must venture into the volcano on the planet’s only island. Then, at the base of the magma chamber, you must install a magma pump, which will amplify the coming eruption.

Finally, you must trigger a massive volcanic eruption.  The cooling lava will then create land for the Sala tribe to settle on.  

Their new homes are in your hands, good luck crew!