Deep Sea Rescue

Deep Sea RescueExplore the Fantastic Depths of the Ocean!

This is a rescue mission for a brilliant but stubborn marine biologist. Problems on a marine base station have led to an evacuation, but one prominent marine biologist was left behind! In the process of rescuing the scientist, the crew learns more about sea creatures and where they can be found in the world.

Duration:  20-30 minutes

Mission Introduction

A variety of marine scientists have been on a long tour in the marine base deep in the ocean. They are working hard to unlock the mysteries of the oceans since only around 5% of it has been explored. During their important work, however, something went terribly wrong!

The Marine Research Station started to lose power, and quickly. An immediate evacuation of all crew and personnel took place but in the panic, one person—Dr. Pat Carson, a world-renowned marine biologist—was accidentally left behind!

Your mission is to travel to the research station and rescue Dr. Carson!  Good luck crew!