A treacherous trek through uncharted waters

Mission Overview


Time is up!  Peponi is a bustling city-state on a beautiful island.  For centuries it has been a center of commerce, trade, and cultural exchange—but there’s a problem.  Peponi sits atop a volcanic island that has lied dormant for centuries but has recently become active.  With no way to stop the eruption, Peponi officials have rushed to create an evacuation plan.  Peponi’s engineers have devised a brilliant system of booster rockets that will pick up the entire city and transport it over the ocean to a new location.  Their scouts have been searching for a suitable location, but unfortunately time has run out—the volcano is about to erupt and Peponi must move now!

The best location that has been found lies along the Tufani River on the far side of the Naruto Sea.  Water plays a significant role in almost every aspect of the city’s life—it provides hydroelectric power, connections for trade, irrigation for farmers, and recreation for the people.  Peponi officials have called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors and peace and justice throughout the universe—to help determine where along the river to land each part of the city to best protect its diverse way of life.

But it’s not that simple.  The evacuation booster rockets only have enough fuel for about 30 minutes, which is barely enough time to get to the Tufani River.  The Infinity Knights crew must work quickly—while the city is in flight—to identify an ideal landing spot before it arrives.

To make matters worse, the flight plan passes directly through the Nenaunir Maelstrom, a region of the Naruto Sea that is filled with treacherous storms.  No one who has ventured into the maelstrom has ever returned, but Peponi has no other choice.  They are relying on the Infinity Knights to guide them safely through the Maelstrom to their new home!

Standards-Based Curriculum

  • Water’s impact on human activity and society
  • The duality of water
  • Irrigation and agriculture
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Weather patterns
  • Natural disasters
  • Interpreting data
  • Reading maps

Higher Order Thinking

  • What role do governments play in safeguarding the interests of all their citizens?
  • How has water impacted human civilization throughout history?
  • Similarly, what impact have humans had on water throughout history?
  • How has water influenced culture and the arts?
  • In what ways can water be helpful? In what ways can it be harmful?