A Dangerous Criminal Has a Clever Hideout!

This mission is a thrilling game of “hide and seek”!  The crew hunts a shapeshifting galactic criminal who has transformed himself into a fish and is hiding in one of Earth’s rivers as a brown trout. The crew needs to find the perfect brown trout environment to locate our criminal.

Duration:  20-30 minutes

Mission Introduction

A notorious galactic criminal by the name of Sharpy Sleighthand has escaped prison and has been tracked to Earth. Being a shapeshifter, Sharpy has decided to transform into a Brown Trout in one of Earth’s rivers, specifically the Big Horn River. 

Sharpy is pretty arrogant and only wants the best, so he will probably be hiding out in the best spot for brown trout.

Your mission is: first, analyze the different parts of the river; second, determine which section has the best environment for brown trout; and third, scan for Sharpy. Once you have a lock on Sharpy, we will promptly bring you and Sharpy back to HQ, and it will be back to the Slammer for Slippery Sharpy! Good luck crew!