Station Alert Cheatsheet

With over 30 interconnected stations onboard, keeping track of everything would be a full-time job. Fortunately, however, the system automatically takes care of itself, leaving you free to focus on the more important things, like storytelling and responding to your crew. But speaking of your crew, at any given time one or two of them might be struggling—or falling behind in their responsibilities.  That’s where alerts come in.

When a crew station is underperforming, its alert will appear here on the Flight Director controls, as well as at the bottom of the Viewscreen. Each station has one corresponding alert, so you’ll know which station is struggling based on the alert:

Biomechanical EngineerShip Augmentation Required
CAPCOMTransmission Received
Chemical EngineerScience Lab Equipment Needed
Computer ScientistOverwhelming Computer Glitches
Cybersecurity OfficerComputer Virus Infection
Deck ChiefMultiple Deck Emergencies
DoctorExcessive Medical Emergencies
Electrical EngineerElectrical Grid Failure
Environmental TechnicianLife Support Failing
GeneticistChimera Genome Unstable
Mainframe TechnicianMainframe Failure
Material ScientistMaterial Lab Equipment Needed
Mechanical EngineerHeavy Mechanical Damage
Nano TechnicianHeavy Damage - Nanites Needed
NavigatorEngines Overheating
Nuclear EngineerReactor Temperature Critical
PhysicistSupercharge Depleted
Quantum SpecialistVersabeam Charges Low
QuartermasterHigh Cargo Spoilage
Reconnaissance OfficerExcessive Unidentified Targets
RoboticistRobotic Swarm Supply Low
Security ChiefMultiple Security Alerts
SurgeonExcessive Surgical Emergencies
Systems EngineerHeavy Systems Damage
Tactical OfficerShields are Lowered
TechnologistTech Lab Equipment Needed