IKS Horizon (Washington DC)


Location:  Washington, DC

Flight Director: Mark Mumm

Crew Complement:  17

Plan a Visit:  The IKS Horizon (a.k.a. Mission Mobile) is currently running missions in the greater Washington DC area.  Please contact Explore! Children’s Museum of Washington DC to arrange a visit.

Launch Date:  Fall 2015

History:  Created for the brand new Explore! Children’s Museum of Washington DC and in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, the IKS Horizon is our first fully mobile simulator.  It is built inside a retrofitted school bus and serves schools, camps, and youth groups throughout the greater DC area.

Recent Happenings at the IKS Horizon

Musical Solar System Adventure Onboard the Mission Mobile

Today we’re delighted to highlight some of the exciting events that have been happening in the greater Washington D.C. area with the Explore! Children’s Museum’s Mission Mobile (a.k.a. IKS Horizon). We all have a favorite artist and/or a favorite genre of

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Flight Director Spotlight: Mark Mumm

Hi everyone, today we’d like to take a moment to spotlight one of our newest Flight Directors.  Mark Mumm has recently joined the Explore! Children’s Museum of Washington DC as the Flight Director of the IKS Horizon, a.k.a. the Mission Mobile. He’s absolutely

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Explore! Mission Mobile Flying to new Heights

It’s been a while since we’ve posted news on our blog, but today we’re delighted to share a bit of news from the IKS Horizon… also known as the Mission Mobile at Explore! Children’s Museum in Washington DC.  The IKS Horizon

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