There have been some great videos made that showcase our exciting work, and many of them are scattered in other places around this site.  Here’s a nice collection of them all in one place, so pull up a chair and bust out the popcorn!

Main Promo Video

Remake Learning — A Classroom Journey

Dream Flight Adventures in Action

Infinity Knights Pre-Flight Orientation

Station Overview

Videos from the Front Lines

Here’s a collection of great videos gathered over the years showing our simulators in action.

6th Grade Pandemic Mission onboard the IKS Highlander

1st 9-week 6th Grade Pandemic Mission Ops at Harrison Middle School

2nd 9-weeks Pandemic Mission aboard the IKS Highlander

2nd 9-week Pandemic Mission Ops at Harrison Middle School

Succession Mission Highlights from the IKS Highlander

Succession Mission Ops at Harrison Middle School

Succession Mission 2 aboard the IKS Highlander

3rd Pandemic, Mission 6th Grade Health Students at Harrison Middle School

Contaminant, 8th Grade Science, IKS Highlander

Contaminant Mission Ops, 8th Grade Science at Harrison Middle School

Operation Rx, 6th Grade Gifted Extension at Harrison Middle School

Promo video showcasing the IKS Artemis Charger in Valencia, Venezuela

Maelstrom Mission Ops, ELL Students at Harrison Middle School

Cable Car Design Challenge, Mission Ops at Harrison Middle School