IKS Marvel (Dansville, MI)

Location:  Dansville Elementary School — 1264 Adams St, Dansville, MI 48819

Flight Directors: Angela St.Amant

Crew Complement:  32

Plan a Visit:  The IKS Marvel primarily flies missions for students at Dansville Elementary School, but it will welcome visitors from other schools, districts, and groups from its surrounding community.  Please stay tuned to our blog for updates.

Launch Date:  May 2019

Recent Happenings at the IKS Marvel

Test Flights Aboard the IKS Marvel

It’s been a while since we broadcast a general communique on this channel, and that’s because we’ve been deeply involved in some top-secret testing of the latest Infinity Knights technology aboard our ships. Our Chameleon-class vessels have been safeguarding the

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The Launch of the IKS Marvel

You knew it was coming, but now it’s official.  The IKS Marvel has launched from Dansville, Michigan on an epic mission into the great unknown. A local news crew was there for the lift-off, and they put together a nice story about

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IKS Marvel Now Approaching Launch

Back in September we announced the construction of the IKS Marvel at Dansville Elementary School in Dansville, Michigan.  Today we’re delighted to share some progress photos from the shipyards, where the shiny new vessel is quickly approaching its official launch.

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