MalignantHalt Razorfang’s Rampage Before it Spreads

Mission Introduction

The Chimera are an ancient race of majestic creatures, as intelligent as they are mysterious. They possess the ability to mutate their own genetic code, allowing them to acquire the powers of any animal. This, along with their desire to protect justice throughout the universe, has made them long-time allies and partners of the Infinity Knights. But now, all that may be lost!

Razorfang, one of the oldest and most powerful of the Chimera, has suddenly gone berserk! He has attacked and destroyed everything in his path, without provocation and without explanation. If he’s not stopped soon, there’s no telling what the devastation will be.

It’s up to you, the Infinity Knights, the renowned protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe, to track down Razorfang and put a stop to his destruction. You must halt his rampage before it spreads!

Duration:  30 minutes