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Westinghouse Atom Smasher

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting an incredible history site:  the world’s first atom smasher (particle accelerator).  Many years ago the labs were used by Marie Curie (pioneer in radioactivity), Frank Conrad (pioneer in radio broadcasting), and even Albert Einstein (I can’t remember offhand what he did, but it was famous!)  😉

I’d driven past these labs countless times and never even knew they existed.  They’re nestled up on a hill behind a tall wall of trees, and it’s been decades since they were last used.  But now, a local school district hopes to partner with Westinghouse and Dream Flight Adventures to transform these historic labs into an interactive experience like no other.  We can take kids back in time to the Cold War to work on the Manhattan Project, grapple with the Red Scare, and consider firsthand the incredible implications of Mutually Assured Destruction.  And beyond that, we can dive into the nucleus of atoms, explore radioactivity, and play with the very building blocks of matter!  Anything is possible with Dream Flight Adventures!

When and how will it happen?  It’s all too early to tell, but you can get the first scoop in a recent newspaper article about our schemings.


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