Announcing Vesuvius, our Latest Mission!

Vesuvius PosterHello troops, today we’re delighted to unveil our latest addition to our mission library!  Have you ever wanted to dive deep underground, explore subterranean wonders, or brave the brutal heat of a live volcano?  Well now you can, in Vesuvius!

Here’s the sneak peak:

Krafft Island, with its fertile volcanic soil and crystal blue bays, is a luxury destination for the rich and the powerful.  Everyone loves it—except for one man.  Dr. Ash Tephra, the world’s most renowned volcanologist, has long been outspoken against settlements on the island.

Using his own special research methods known as “underground volcanology,” Dr. Tephra has warned the government that a massive eruption is about to occur and that the island must be evacuated!  Fellow volcanologists using more traditional methods, however, do not agree.

A similar situation occurred two years ago.  Dr. Tephra predicted an eruption of massive proportions and the island was evacuated, but the eruption never occurred.  Angry citizens lodged complaints against the government for economic loss.  Dr. Tephra was humiliated and his reputation took a severe hit, but now he is making the same prediction:  an eruption is imminent!

The government is concerned for its citizens’ safety, but even so it does not want a needless evacuation.  To clear matters up the government has called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe—to help.  They must travel beneath the surface of Krafft Island, explore its volcanic conduits, and determine whether an evacuation is necessary—before it’s too late!

But wait, there’s more!  We’ll be play-testing this brand new mission at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh this coming Saturday, July 13th from 10am-noon.  If you’re in the area and want to be the first to test drive this new mission please swing on by for the adventure of a lifetime!

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