The Transformation Continues

Area 418 was quarantined to all civilian personnel by the time the hovercranes arrived.  Hauling massive tritanium beams, they drifted above the construction site and slowly lowered their cargo to the ground.  Crews of workmen and drones scurried beneath, bustling to and fro in a hurry to assemble the craft.  They were all well trained and knew exactly what to do.  The pieces fell into place like clockwork.  Slowly, the form of the ship began to take shape.  It was really happening!


These are the latest pics from the construction in Room 418.  Bryan O’Black, the Director of Technology at the Shaler Area School District has been hard at work identifying the right tech equipment, while Bob Gasowski has worked tirelessly putting up the foundational framework.  Stay tuned… next time we may have some comments from the lucky Shaler Area Elementary School students themselves.

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