The Sweet Smell of Progress

It’s time for another update on the simulator construction.  Since we last joined our heroes a great deal of progress has been made.  The rough framework is now complete!  Platforms have been raised, the doors have been framed, and the half-walls are in place.  But enough talk, here are the pics!

And here’s our illustrious miracle worker—Bob Gasowski!  This amazing specimen of a carpenter was trained in the mines of Kestrel VII, wields a hammer like an Atlantean steelsmith, and packs a wallop like a Fangorian Saberbeast.  He whipped together our ship in a matter of seconds, transforming rough chicken scratch notes into a 36-deck Chameleon-class vessel by sheer force of will.

Behold the power!

In addition to deciphering my cryptic notes and turning them into reality, Bob has made some brilliant enhancements of his own.  For example, the simulator is now 100% wheelchair accessible, thanks to a wee bit of Bob’s design magic.  Those Orion Pirates won’t know what hit them with the invincible Bobby G onboard!

Tech guru extraordinaire

But Bob’s not the only hero on our team:  We have the incredible Bryan O’Black rooting for us as well.  Bryan has wrought many a miracle in he trenches of component procurement, reeling in countless fantastic deals.  The ship will have the shiniest controls and slickest computers in the galaxy, thanks to Bryan’s bargaining.  Bryan tells me that the technology components of the simulator have already begun to arrive, so we’ll be piecing the state-of-the-art quantum computer mainframe into the tritanium hull before you know it.

Stay tuned later this week for a closer look at the ship itself and the amazing teachers bringing the magic together.


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