Maelstrom Cast of Characters

Peponi Grand Council

Peponi is a city-state governed by a Grand Council.  The crew will speak to a representative of the Grand Council (this character is gender neutral and can be a man or a woman) during the mission.  This character embodies the Peponi ideals—a cultured society with many different interest groups that live in harmony together, closely tied to the water that permeates their lives.  The councilperson has the utmost respect for all of Peponi’s citizens and interest groups, and he or she feels a strong sense of urgency to protect their safety through this emergency.  He or she also expresses concern about the Nenaunir Maelstrom, which has been the subject of many foreboding legends throughout Peponi’s history.

Nenaunir Entity

The Nenaunir Entity is a gigantic mysterious creature that dwells within (and possibly is responsible for creating) a massive maelstrom in the Naruto Sea.  It has devoured all sailors and explorers who have ventured into the maelstrom.  It is otherworldly, strange, and poses a significant threat to Peponi and the crew, although it isn’t necessarily hostile in nature.  It could merely be curious about these small creatures, but no attempts to communicate with it are successful.  It is attracted to bright and hot signals, which presents a problem for Peponi when its booster rockets enter the maelstrom.