Insurrection Script

Training Mode
Allow the crew to train on their stations for 5-10 minutes.

Call from Headquarters
Call as the Admiral.  End Training Mode.  Answer questions about the mission.
Slingshot the ship to the Sargassum System.

Send Butcher Tartleton’s Welcome message
Send the crew a message from Butcher Tartleton welcoming them to Sargassum Colony.

Allow the crew to navigate to Sargassum Colony
A sensor buoy will automatically direct the crew toward the colony.
Provide hints from the sensor buoy or Butcher Tarleton as needed.

Greet the crew as Butcher Tarleton
Welcome the crew to Sargassum Colony on behalf of the Albion Empire.
Express Butcher Tarleton’s intense dislike for the Sargassum Colonists.  He was injured in their defense and considers them as ungrateful treacherous scum.  If he had his way he’d wipe them all out and start the colony fresh with loyal citizens, but he’s under orders to protect them.
Butcher Tarleton is slightly annoyed that his superiors called in the Infinity Knights.  He feels completely capably of defending the convoy and dealing with the terrorists himself.

Direct the crew to Sargassum Refinery
The crew travels to Sargassum Refinery to escort the biofuel transport convoy to the jumpgate.
Dispatch one or two fighters from Tarleton’s cohort to accompany them

Call the crew as the Convoy Leader
Express concern about the threat against the convoy and gratitude for the crew’s help.
Remind the crew that the convoy is entirely defenseless.

Begin the convoy
Direct the convoy leader’s ship toward the jumpgate.
Direct the other freighters to follow each other one-by-one.

Send the Convoy Leader’s message
Send the crew a message from the Convoy Leader once again expressing his gratitude for their help.  Express concern about the terrorist threats and ask the crew to stay on the lookout for anything unusual.

Benign flybys (optional)
Non-threatening traffic passes near the convoy.  The crew must assess whether they are threats.

Freighter engine failure (optional)
Disable the computer support for one of the freighter’s engines (hacking) and let it fall out of formation.
Express the Convoy Leader’s concern about breaking formation.
The crew must decide whether to stay behind and help repair it or stay with the rest of the convoy.

Albion armada arrives
Admiral Robert Clive and his armada of Albion Frigates arrive in the system through the jumpgate.
Call the crew as Admiral Clive and ask for a status report.
The armada will wait for the convoy at the jumpgate.

Rebel threat
Send a mysterious and threatening message from the colonial rebels stating that they won’t need to attack on the fuel convoy because “it’s already in place on the freighters.”

Search the convoy
The crew works with the Convoy Leader to scan for problems or threats on the freighters and only find a strange bacteria in the fuel.  The bacteria is currently dormant and does not harm the fuel.

Rebel attack
Major Nathaneal Green’s rebel ship flies by the convoy and bathes one of the freighters in gamma radiation.
The attack does no damage to the freighter but it awakens the bacteria, which consumes the fuel.

Rebel ultimatum
Major Nathaneal Green sends the crew an ultimatum stating that the attack was merely a demonstration; the gamma radiation of the jumpgate will automatically trigger the same reaction in the rest of the freighters unless the antidote is first applied.  Major Green will only share the antidote if his demands are heard.  He demands more colonial representation on the Imperial Senate and the repeal of the fuel tax.

Albion reaction
The crew informs Admiral Clive about the situation and rebel’s ultimatum.
Admiral Clive is outraged and threatens to attack the rebels unless they provide the antidote.

The crew acts as a messenger between the Empire and Rebels.  Both sides look to the crew for a resolution.
Both sides privately indicate that they’re open to making some concessions but that they are sure the other side won’t even listen to reason or meet to discuss things civilly.  Both sides distrust each other.
The crew proposes a negotiation session.  Both sides accept but express concerns over the location.
The crew proposes a neutral location in the dust cloud.
Both sides accept the idea under the condition that no one comes armed.  The crew must provide security.

Negotiation in the dust cloud
The crew, Green, and Clive travel to the dust cloud.  Green and Clive discuss terms under the crew’s guard.
Ships from both sides move in around the edges of the dust cloud.

Butcher Tarleton takes matters into this own hands
Call the crew as Butcher Tarleton and ask for an update.
Butcher Tarleton becomes outraged that Admiral Clive is willing to meet with the rebels.
He takes matters into his own hands by leaving Sargassum Colony with a platoon of fighter ships loyal to him and heading toward the dust cloud.

Suspenseful dilemma
The crew must decide what to do about Tarleton:  stop him with force (which would be an open attack against Albion troops) or allow him to attack the rebels in the peace negotiations.

Epic battle
Tarleton arrives at the dust cloud and an epic battle ensues.  The Albion armada and rebel fighters join the crew against Tarleton’s rogue platoon.

Successful conclusion
Admiral Clive and Nathaneal Green reach an agreement.
The empire will allow representatives from Sargassum Colony represent their interests on the Imperial Senate.  The colonist rebels will share the antidote and allow the fuel convoy to pass through the jumpgate.