Insurrection Cast of Characters

Butcher Tarleton

Butcher Tarleton is the commander of the Albion military force stationed at Sargassum Colony.  He was injured in the defense of Sargassum Colony and considers them to be ungrateful and treacherous scum.  If he had his way he’d wipe them all out and start the colony fresh with loyal citizens, but he’s under orders to protect them.  Butcher Tarleton is slightly annoyed that his superiors called in the Infinity Knights to protect the fuel freighter convoy.  He feels completely capably of defending the convoy and dealing with the terrorists himself.

Voking Holm

Voking Holm is the leader of the Albion Freighter Convoy.  He is a simple, hard working chief who has spent most of his career on dingy, stinky old cargo frigates.  He works hard, distrusts pencil-pushing bureaucrats, and tells things like they are.

Admiral Robert Clive

Admiral Robert Clive commands the military fleets in the outer rim of the Albion Empire.  He has worked hard through his career to become an admiral, and he feels that he deserves a cushier desk job by now.  He considers being assigned to the outer rim colonies something of a slight, and he’s hopeful that his performance in the Sargassum Colony situation will result in the promotion he deserves.  He’s absolutely determined that nothing will go wrong under his command.  He commands a powerful armada, and he’s not afraid to use it.  At the same time, he’s not bloodthirsty; he’ll work to avoid a violent confrontation whenever possible.
Admiral Clive distrusts the Sargassum Colonists,  especially in light of their recent terrorist acts.  Still, he’s hopeful that these acts may be traced back to a radical splinter group and that the colony as whole still has some hope for it.  But if push comes to shove, he’s willing to use the full force of his fleet to defend the Albion Empire’s firm control over Sargassum Colony and its rich biofuel resources.

Major Nathaneal Green

Major Nathaneal Green leads a small group of rebel colonists in a bold effort to defend the colony’s rights.  He has some military experience himself, having served in militias and reserves for several years.  The ragtag team of colonists he leads have far less experience (they are mainly farmers and tradesmen), so Major Green has resorted to guerrilla tactics and subterfuge against the imperial Albion forces.  He does not seek a war, but he is willing to use force to make the colonists’ plight known.  He, along with those he leads, believe that Sargassum Colony deserves greater representation on the Albion Senate.  He feels that their situation is not adequately understood in the imperial government, and that the new taxes levied on the colony are unfair.  He distrusts Albion authority, but in his heart he hopes a peaceful resolution to this conflict can be found.