Mission Highlight: Succession

SuccessionRiddle me this:  How can one teach about comparative politics and radioactive decay at the same time?  How can one illustrate the checks and balances in government while simultaneously teaching about space exploration?  What about marine biology and nuclear isotopes?

The answer, my friend, is Succession.

Succession was the first Dream Flight Adventures™ mission, and it does a beautiful job at illustrating the unique way we blend STEM concepts, history, and crucial social issues.  It’s a mix that you can’t find anywhere else, and the concepts we address in our missions stick with students for years.

Succession throws students into the middle of a crisis where several opposing views are vying for control of a world government.  Students must learn about each side’s point of view, evaluate their positions, and decide what to do in order to save the world from civil war.  And, as always, the clock is ticking, so the students must use their whole brains and every ounce of creativity they can muster to accomplish their mission.

Learn more about Succession and our other missions.

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