Construction Update

There’s been a lot going on lately, and it’s been a while since we gave you a solid update about the construction of the IKS Titan.  We’re in the final stretch now, with only one section of flooring and a few minor odds and ends remaining to be installed.  Bob Gasowski, our resident miracle worker, has done an amazing job.  I’m excited to show off his handiwork:

Security Guard Station

This is the Security Guard station on the mid-level tier.  The flooring on this level will be installed this week.  Notice the amazing desktops, with the seamless black formica flowing directly to the edge of the iPads.  Also notice the metal rivet details in the far wall.  This is all Bob’s handiwork.

View of Captains Tier

This is a view from the lower tier looking up toward the captain’s area.  The Security Chief and two Security Guards sit behind the counter on left, with the Captain and First and Second Officers sitting on the raised platform behind.  Notice the air conditioning unit on the side wall, which was installed especially for the simulator.  The vast majority of Shaler Elementary does not have air conditioning.  We are very fortunate.

Mid Tier

Here’s the mid tier as seen from the revolving door of the airlock.  The main viewscreen is beyond the left edge of the photo.  We’ve ordered some nice durable chairs for the simulator, and they will be arriving soon.  It will be nice to have some sturdy furniture to let the crew work together as a team in their mission.

Finished Counters

This is a view of the revolving airlock from the raised captain’s tier.  In the middle sits the Doctor’s station, where the Doctor can oversee the health and safety of the crew.

Second Officer

This is the Second Officer’s station, which sits on the raised Command Level next to the Captain.  The Second Officer is in charge of making logs and shipwide announcements, setting the ship’s alert level, and controlling the ship’s coolant systems.  Notice the realistic-looking diamond plate “metal” flooring.

The simulator seriously has top quality construction.  Bob has gone well above and beyond the call of duty to make the simulator a sturdy and safe place for students to learn for years to come.

We can’t wait to start running missions in it!

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