Mission Highlight: Pandemic

PandemicWhat if you could shrink to a microscopic size and explore the human body?  Where would you go and what would you do?  Would you swim through the heart alongside a million tiny red blood cells or dance amid the electric synapses of the brain?

What if someone’s life depended on your actions, working inside his body to save his life?  That just may be the future of nanomedicine…

…and now you can experience it firsthand, in Pandemic!

Pandemic mirrors the historic collision of cultures that occurred when Hernán Cortés and the Spanish Conquistadors attempted to conquer the Aztec Empire—and brought smallpox with them.

Our courageous crews must unravel a mysterious plague, not only to save an ill patient, but also to restore hope of peaceful relations between two very different civilizations!

Learn more about Pandemic and our other missions.

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