A Prestigious Visit

A lone whistle echoed down the polished steel corridors.  Long ranks of cadets standing at attention lined the walls.  At the far end of the corridor a door noiselessly slid open and the whistle stopped.  The silence was thick in the air–a stark contrast from the dull roar of training cadets that usually filled the facility.  Today was not any ordinary day.

In perfect synchronization all the cadets turned toward door and saluted.  Ambassador Behr majestically crossed the threshold and strode forward.  A mantle of prestige and honor surrounded him.  The cadets looked on in awe.  This was the first time they’d ever seen someone from the upper ranks of the Infinity Knights.  Their admirals had told them tales, but nothing could do the sight justice.

Ambassador Behr wore a shimmering garb of nobility, yet a soft warmth covered his face.  The cadets had long prepared for this Inspection, and they expected a much harsher eye piercing into their souls and uncovering their every flaw.  Instead they saw only kindness, energy, and support.  It seemed to them that the Ambassador was pleased with what he saw–that his approval of their Training Academy and Launch Base had paid off.

The Ambassador strode through the hall, smiling at the cadets with approval, until he arrived at the far end.  There it was.  The Transport Pad, waiting to take the Ambassador aboard the IKS Titan.  Admiral Rigorious stood to the side.  “She’s all prepped and ready for you, sir.  The crew is onboard and awaiting your arrival.  They await your command for departure.”

Ambassador Behr stood on the pad and turned around, facing the long rows of well-trained cadets.  In a blazing shimmer of light he disappeared and was transported aboard where he would accompany the day’s crew on their mission to the Sargassum System.


Special thanks again to Gregg Behr and the Grable Foundation for supporting the construction and launch of the IKS Titan at the Shaler Area Elementary School.  This marks the beginning of many wonderful life-changing moments for the students who pass through its doors.

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