The Glorious Launch of the IKS Buccaneer


Today the IKS Buccaneer officially launched in front of hundreds awe-struck young minds at Stewart Elementary School in the Burrell School District.

Admiral Octavius, also known as the mild-mannered Brian Colgan, directed a non-stop day of back-to-back mini missions to give each of Stewart Elementary’s 200+ students a brief taste of the incredible journeys that are now available to them on a daily basis.


The result of a $20,000 STEAM grant and a healthy dose of passion and commitment on behalf of the Burrell School District, the IKS Buccaneer is the latest addition to the rich and forward-looking STEM curriculum that permeates all levels of Stewart Elementary.  We’re truly impressed at the quality of the Buccaneer and the dedication of its team at Stewart Elementary.  It has been an honor bringing this exciting new simulator to fruition.

And now, without further ado, here are so more photos from the momentous day.


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