Global Game Jam – Saturday Afternoon

We were up until about midnight last night getting started on our game.  We headed home from the ETC so Little Gary’s younger brother Peter could help as well.  They came up with a really cool idea for the game:

You see, every night Sarah and I invent a bedtime story for our three boys that begins “Once upon a time there were three boys:  a big boy, a medium boy, and a little boy…”  They go on all sorts of daring adventures—it’s a collaborative imaginative process between us and them each night.  Anyway, we wanted to base our game for the Global Game Jam on the adventures of the three boys.  Here’s the story they came up with (which will also be incorporated into the game’s intro):

When we woke up this morning Little Gary was pretty sick.  He was coughing a lot last night, and things only got worse through the night.  But he’s a trooper, and he pulled through to make a lot of really great art for our game:

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