First Look at the IKS Dreamcatcher

The mooring clamps hissed as the shuttle slid smoothly into docking position.  The airlock light turned from red to yellow and finally to green, indicating that it was safe to disembark.  Admiral Starblayze pushed open the hatch and stepped aboard Massaro Deep Space Shipyard, which was stationed in an uncharted corner of the universe so remote that it can only be reached by a child’s imagination.  It was here, at a cosmic intersection of Imagination and Elbow Grease, that the IKS Dreamcatcher was being constructed.

Like its sisters in the Infinity Knights fleet, the IKS Dreamcatcher will bear its intrepid crews of bright-minded children to the far reaches of imagination and reality.  The stalwart construction crew give freely of their skill, strength, and sweat, for they know that the fate of the future rests upon the shoulders of the rising generation.

Admiral Starblayze beamed as he looked through the observation window and caught first glance at the Dreamcatcher.  Still in the early stages of construction, it shone like a beacon through the darkness.  This labor of love is progressing rapidly, and in only a matter of months it will embark on missions of learning and adventure unlike any other!

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