Announcing Contaminant

Contaminant-PosterWe’re delighted to unveil the latest addition to our mission library!  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a fish?  How do insects, fish, and water impact human beings?  How do different elements of an ecosystem relate to one another?  Find out all the answers to these questions and more in Contaminant!

Contaminant is being developed for the IKS Highlander and will be available to all Dream Flight Adventures simulators.  Here’s a sneak peak:

Sudura is an isolated city in the middle of a large forested region. Despite being far from any other city, it has recently begun to grow rapidly because Vikasa Corporation has opened a fertilizer factory along the shore of Upahara River, which resulted in hundreds of new workers moving into the region.

Recently Sudura City had an unexplained outbreak of the Chandipura virus, a dangerous disease that infects children, causing comas and even death. So far about one thousand children have been infected, many of whom have died. The Chandipura virus is transmitted by Sandflies, a small type of biting midge whose populations are are unusually high this year, for unknown reasons. To make matters worse all the fish have disappeared, also for unknown reasons, causing a severe food shortage.

The underlying cause behind all this is believed to be tied to the Upahara River, but there’s a problem. Vikasa Corporation purchased the property rights to the entire river when they opened their factory, and they are not allowing anyone to enter it, even despite the emergency conditions. Having no alternative, the governor of Sudura City has called upon the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors and peace and justice throughout the universe—to investigate the source of this strange plague and the disappearance of the fish and to save their city before it’s too late.

Coming soon to a simulator near you!

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