Dream Flight Expansion

Earlier this month we announced that the Dream Flight Adventures network is expanding to include three exciting new locations this year.  It’s been a busy past few weeks as we’ve worked feverishly to get all our high-tech robotic ducks in a laser-precise row, but now the dust has settled enough to share a few more juicy details about the expansion.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History


The first simulator will be housed inside the world-famous Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which serves approximately 300,000 visitors per year.  The simulator will be installed as a new renovation of the Earth Theater, a large wrap-around theater that will provide plenty of room for exciting hands-on learning.  The museum will also be installed a new classroom to house “Mission Control” activities, and students will be able to go on “Away Missions” through the various halls and areas of the museum.  The museum recently featured the simulator in the latest edition of its Connections e-Newsletter.

Penn Hills Logo

Penn Hills School District

Another simulator will be housed in the brand new—so new, in fact, that the building is still under construction—Penn Hills Elementary, which is a $28 million state-of-the-art school opening this fall.  The simulator will be called the IKS Dreamcatcher and will  take the districts 3rd and 4th graders on unbelievable educational adventures.  Once the 3rd and 4th graders have had their fill of using their minds and imaginations to save the universe from the treacherous grasp evil, the simulator will be available to the rest of the district’s 3,800 students as well as the broader community.  The project just had a great article about it published in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Baldwin-Whitehall-LogoBaldwin-Whitehall School District

And last but not least, the third simulator will be installed in Harrison Middle School in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District.  The IKS Highlander will be tightly integrated into the new school-wide science curriculum that teaches about the crucial role of water in our community, ecosystem, and personal lives.  Harrison Middle School serves nearly one thousand 6th-8th graders, and when they aren’t using the simulator it will be available to visits from the rest of the district’s 4,100 students and the surrounding community.  The IKS Highlander and the Baldwin-Whitehall District were recently featured in a nice article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

And to top off the barrage of great media updates, we were featured once again in THE Journal (Technological Horizons in Education).

It’s going to be one exciting ride after another, so hang tight and subscribe to the blog for updates.

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