A Flight into the Volcano

Mission Briefing

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of swinging by the IKS Titan to snap a few photos of a bold and bright crew before they climbed aboard their ship and dove into an active volcano.  Here they are, approximately sixteen minutes before suffering severe third degree burns several thousand meters below the ground.

On the left Admiral Rigorious, otherwise known as Mike Penn, is giving them a last-minute briefing about their mission and proper procedure for putting out grease fires amid lava flows.  Mike Penn is an absolute pro at this.  He’s a master at describing the complex elements of the missions in simple, succinct terms.  This is incredibly important, because right behind him is the entryway into the IKS Titan, a Chameleon-class vessel that is amazing enough to drive even the most mild mannered of students into a frenzy of excitement and delight.  Mike has a window of approximately 6.3 seconds to explain the mission before everyone mentally stampedes into the ship and embarks on their epic adventure.

Admiral Starblayze at the helm.  I wonder what all those buttons do.

Admiral Starblayze at the helm. I wonder what all those buttons do.

After their briefing and a short time in training mode, the mission lasted about 45 minutes.  The crew had many close calls and stared Death in the face on numerous occasions.  But they didn’t flinch—no, they held strong to the bitter end and emerged victoriously, saving the inhabitants of Krafft Island from a horrible fiery destruction.  I’m pleased to report that only 20% of the crew was incinerated in the process.

I had the pleasure of sitting behind the green curtain and directing their flight.  They were a great crew, and it was an honor to fly with them.

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