A Delightful Demonstration

Today I had the honor of running two live demo missions at the Shaler Elementary.  The first featured Mike Penn’s GATE students, and the second featured a joint crew of GATE and Special Ed students.  We had about 35 kids in all, and both crews did a fantastic job.  The enthusiasm was so thick in the air that we had to use snorkels to breathe.  If the kids are this excited to run a 30-minute demo mission in their normal classroom, I can’t wait to see their faces when they enter the real simulator when it’s fully decked in all its glory of light, sound, and effects!

Here are some icky blurry photos of the kids in action.  My apologies for the low-quality photos.  Next time I’ll bring Vera, my shiny new Nikon D5100.

Throughout the day we were pleased to be visited by Dr. Shipley, the SASD’s superintendent, as well as a whole slew of enthusiastic teachers from throughout the school who wanted to see what all the mystery and buzz has been about.  The time simply flew by (just ask the kids!), but there will be plenty of other demonstrations down the road for those who missed it.  It was magical, to say the least.

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