3-2-1 Liftoff

With summer break right around the corner, we’re delighted to share the “vacation” plans of one of our fabulous Flight Directors!  While Mike Penn prepares for his expedition to the icy Antarctic, Debbie Reynolds is zooming around the globe teaching tomorrow’s astronauts all about the final frontier—space!

Debbie was selected as a new Teacher Liaison for the Space Foundation, and as part of that role she was invited to this year’s Space Symposium, the largest space-focused conference in the world!  It was a wonderful experience and she had the opportunity to hear from experts in the field from commercial sectors, the military, and NASA.  Debbie loved seeing the new Dream Chaser space plane.

In June Debbie will head to Huntsville for the Honeywell Educators Space Academy, followed by a brief layover for her son’s wedding (congrats Debbie!), and then she’ll head to Kennedy Space Center in Florida to attend the first-ever Space Port Area Conference for Educators (SPACE) in July.

And if that’s not enough for an out-of-this-world summer “vacation,” Debbie will fly from Orlando to Shenzhen, China to teach a space and STEM camp to Chinese students for a month.  Congrats Debbie for doing amazing work to promote STEM education all around to globe!

Debbie with retired Astronaut Ronald M. Sega, Ph. D.

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