Michael Penn


General Manager of North American Operations,
Flight Director of the IKS Titan at Shaler Area Elementary

Alias:  Admiral Rigorious

Born decades before the others, Mike Penn is either a victim or fate or was destined to be part of this wonderful opportunity.  Mike started out in Electrical Engineering but ended with degrees of various magnitudes in History, Political Science, and Education.   After some time in the Army, Mike started his teaching career first in Kindergarten, then “severely and profoundly” handicapped children, and then has been living the dream of his calling teaching Gifted students at Shaler Area School District for the past twenty some years.

While not a charter member of the Dream Team, destiny put Mike in the right place at the right time yet again.   Successfully teaching gifted and talented students has a way of making one flexible, positive, dynamic, and innovative.  While Mike won’t admit to any of those qualities, he sure aspires to all of them!

Mike likes to think of himself as someone who is a work in progress.  He loves his vocation and the kids he teaches and he is serious about getting students to LOVE learning as a lifelong adventure.

Contact Mike at [email protected].

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