Upgrading the IKS Dreamcatcher Mainframe


As the momentous day speedily approaches when the IKS Dreamcatcher will be unveiled for the world to see, the Penn Hills shipyard is busily dotting every i and crossing every t on their pre-flight manifests.  Today we bring you news about a recent upgrade to the ship’s mainframe computer.

You see, all vessels in the Infinity Knights’ fleet are equipped with an AIU3000 Artificial Intelligent Unit mainframe that is capable of realtime spoken interaction with the captain and crew.  But before departing on any dangerous missions, it’s important to ensure that the computer is well versed in all ship systems, processes, and protocols.  When the crew yells “Computer, what was that?!” the computer needs to be able to respond quickly and accurately.  So, in went an intrepid crew of test pilots and technicians to give the computer a real-life calibration.


Here we see our intrepid crew.  Notice how intrepidly intrepid they are.  Also note how patient they are as they wait for the computer to process their spoken requests.  The mainframe computer processes 18 quintillion computations per second, so sometimes it needs to slow down when relaying vital mission information to the crew.


You’ll also notice that the Dreamcatcher has recently received a facelift in the form of beautiful metal paneling throughout its entire bridge.  The Penn Hills shipyard has really outdone itself this time!

We’re all excited for the maiden voyage and public unveiling of the IKS Dreamcatcher later this month on [CLASSIFIED].

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