Three New Missions

It’s been a while since we posted on our blog—and the world is hunkered down to slow the spread of COVID-19—so we figure it’s high time we share some cheery news.  Today we’re delighted to showcase three brand new missions, which have been added to our library.


MalignantThe first mission, Malignant, was actually added to our library about a month or so ago as part of our ongoing beta test for DFA 2.0.  Its inaugural flight was used to showcase the IKS Marvel to a group of educators in Michigan, who loved it.

It’s a fairly short-duration mission (about 30 minutes) that showcases a wide variety of different locations that are available in a Dream Flight Adventures mission.  These include outer space, the ocean, and the bloodstream.


QuarantineIf this isn’t timely enough for you, I don’t know what is.  Quarantine is a brand new mission based on current events, and it features a contagious virus that is spreading like wildfire.  The world has gone into lockdown, but with travel restricted and medical researchers in quarantine, finding a cure for the virus has become extremely difficult.

Enter the Infinity Knights—the renowned protectors of peace and justice throughout the universe.  Maybe, just maybe, their quick wits and advanced technology can produce a solution.

Your mission is to investigate the disease, gather materials for a cure from the four corners of the Earth, and save the world!

Escape Velocity

Escape VelocityAnd last but not least, Escape Velocity is an exciting race against time to capture a devious Orion Pirate.

This mission is modeled after the classic Carmen Sandiego games. The crew moves throughout the solar system, and at each planet they receive clues pointing them toward the next location.  They must work quickly to stop a space pirate from stealing top secret technology.


We’re excited to have this lineup of three exciting new mission additions, and we look forward to the (hopefully not too distant) future when our bright-minded students return to their schools and can take them out for a spin.

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