The Launch of the IKS Marvel

You knew it was coming, but now it’s official.  The IKS Marvel has launched from Dansville, Michigan on an epic mission into the great unknown.

A local news crew was there for the lift-off, and they put together a nice story about it with some great footage too.

Here are some highlights straight from the inaugural crew:

“Knowing that I’m a gigantic role in the spaceship simulator really helps me calm down,” said Jillian Fishback, a sixth grade student. “I’m a huge control freak so knowing that I’m a huge role just kind of helps me say, ‘Okay, I’m really important to this. Everybody’s important. Everybody has their own important job.”

“It’s good because no one could run that by themselves. Everybody else has to do their job,” said Carter Tkaczyk, a sixth grade student.

“A lot of it is talking to that other person, finding out what they did and then adjusting. Adaptability is a big part of that,” said Fishback.

Major congratulations to Angela St.Amant and the team at Dansville Elementary School for putting together such a great simulator!

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