Succession aboard the IKS Highlander

Attention, incoming transmission:

8th Grade Social Studies Students at J.E. Harrison Middle School have completed a Dream Flight Adventure Mission!  These students completed the Succession mission as well as the Succession Mission Ops STEAM Classroom activities.

While participating in the Succession Mission, Social Studies students embarked on a journey to locate a missing Oracle, appoint a new king and restore peace to the planet Megara. They then had to work with four different view points of government to construct a “New Way” of governing for the Megara People.

While working in Mission Ops the students participated in a Two-Sided Political Debate.  Representing two of the fictional factions that vie for the throne, they discovered that the only way to deal with the political upheaval on Megara is to work to understand these differing views of governing.

The students then began to collaborate, create and compromise when constructing a “New Way” of governing for the Megara People.  Students had to construct new forms of government and a process to select leaders to govern.

Please take a few moments to watch the highlight videos of the Succession Mission:

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