Shipyard Log: IKS Dreamcatcher Construction Update

Open Communiqué:

The following images were relayed from our field reporters visiting the shipyard where the IKS Dreamcatcher is being constructed.  The vessel is set to launch later this fall, and until that time these images are classified as Top Secret.  Please enter thumbprint to confirm access level…

Working… Please standby…

Thumbprint ID accepted.

Penn Hills Elementary Lobby

This is the lobby at the brand new Penn Hills Elementary where the IKS Dreamcatcher is docked.  Let’s go in for a closer look.

Dreamcatcher Construction 1

Here we see the Dreamcatcher immediately after passing through the decontamination entryway.  The wall on the left will house a giant digital viewscreen so the crew can see the outside world as they adventure throughout time and space on their epic missions.  The screen on the far wall will provide supplemental tactical information to assist the crew.

The Pilot, Navigator, and other key crew members will sit at control stations.  The command officers will sit in the central rear posts to oversee the crew.

The control panels have not yet been installed.  They are being configured and used to train a new cohort of Flight Directors to guide our adventurers on their daring missions.

Also, you’ll notice something amiss with the color scheme.  The bridge bears the Penn Hills colors, but it also conveys an urge to order a Big Mac and large fries.  The coloring and paneling are scheduled to be revisited before the ship’s maiden voyage.

Dreamcatcher Construction 3

Here Admiral Zenobia is inspecting the bridge lighting systems.  It’s essential that the red lights function properly, as the crew may well end up spending most of their time in the throes of red alerts!

Dreamcatcher Construction 4

Here’s a more peaceful splash of blue… a sight that will only last a few moments after the crew embarks on their mission.

Dreamcatcher Construction 6

The ship has come a long way, and its construction has been a labor of love.  Only a few short months until she’s ready to fly!

Dreamcatcher Construction 7

Stay tuned for more updates as the IKS Dreamcatcher prepares for launch!

End Communiqué.

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