Operation Rx Coming to IKS Highlander Mission Ops Lab

Operation Rx 001

This just in from the IKS Highlander’s Mission Ops lab:

Operation Rx is an extension of the Pandemic Mission for 6th Grade Gifted Students at J. E. Harrison Middle School.  A Sneak Peak into the scenario…

Students are working the midnight shift as a pharmacist at J. E. Harrison Community Hospital.  The attending physician, Dr. Sandra Cheeks, who accompanies the students on all medical rounds and who signs off on all orders has been on vacation in Texas all week.  The students had expected her back and became concerned when she did not show up at the hospital.  Suddenly, they receive an URGENT page to dial 274.  Dr. Cheeks called saying her flight has been delayed and she will not be back tonight.  A new patient with a complicated case in on the way to the hospital.  The students will fly solo and handle the patient’s care… TO BE CONTINUED…

Operation Rx 009

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