More News from the IKS Buccaneer

This just in!  We have some exciting news from our Terran shipyards—the IKS Buccaneer, based in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, is rapidly approaching its launch.  Our sources have supplied some recent photos of the bridge.


Here we see the bridge of the IKS Buccaneer, with its massive 70-inch main viewscreen.  The bridge will seat a full complement of 17 crew members, who will work together as a team to accomplish challenging cross-disciplinary missions.  The Pilot and Navigator will sit front and center, guiding the Buccaneer as it travels through time, into the cosmos, under the ocean, and into the limitless realms of imagination.


Here’s a view of the bridge looking backward, toward the raised tier where the Captain, First, and Second Officers will sit to guide the crew through their daring adventures.  The LED rope lighting is being put into place.

The IKS Buccaneer has come together extremely quickly—a tribute to the focus, urgency, and drive of the entire staff at Stewart Elementary.  The resident construction gurus, Agent Rod and Agent Jeff, have wrought a fantastic ship that will soon power the dreams of countless students.

The Buccaneer will begin internal test flights this month and will likely hold its public unveiling in January 2015.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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